Everything we do comes down to challenging the status quo. We strive to be different! How? Through innovation and thinking outside of what customers and clients expect from a cleaning company.

We strive to go beyond just cleaning. At JANCO, trust and communication are what set us apart. Communication is the key to increasing quality control and productivity, and we believe that the relationships built with our clients and our great team of employees have proven our success. Our goal is to engage in business with people who believe what we believe in!

Jhovy Mejia began this business in the early 90's, focusing on quality and customer service. Now, with over 35 years of experience, he continues to expand his knowledge in his field and is a leader in the commercial cleaning industry. Jhovy believes his success lies within his continued vision for the company and the future of his employees.

Cynthia Mejia is JANCO's CEO and continues to be an invaluable asset to the company. Following in the steps of her father, she believes in JANCO and strives for quality and customer satisfaction for each and every client.



At JANCO, little things mean a lot & quality always comes first. JANCO’s mission is to provide the highest quality, reliable & most efficient janitorial service for our commercial clients.


To be the leader in the industry promoting ethics, honesty, and integrity in all we do and to stand accountable to our Clients. Responsiveness to our Clients has always been our hallmark and it is our pledge, our goal and our promise to maintain these attributes always.



JANCO strives to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, through innovation and always thinking beyond what our customers typically expect from a cleaning company. Striving to go above and beyond just cleaning. Our goal is to engage in business with people who believe what we believe in. Quality, Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism.

How We Give Back




Jhovy Mejia

Since he was a young boy, Jhovy has always strived to be successful. Throughout the years, he has accomplished exactly that. His energy, enthusiasm, and dedication have driven him and made him what he is now: a dedicated entrepreneur.

Jhovy believes that because Janco is family-owned, the trust level is higher and it is a far more rewarding experience to be able to leave a legacy of his own to his family and employees. He started Janco in 2009. Before that, he had multiple janitorial companies that began in 1989. They grew with time and expanded to the Lower 48. At the peak of his career, he decided to go back and serve his Alaska clientele, merging the companies into one sole company: Janco. With dedication, purpose, and love, Jhovy was able to grow Janco to what it is now. He has always believed that customer service and consistently providing the highest quality are the two things that set him apart from his competitors. His employees are his biggest assets, and he treats them like the family they are and ensures quality compensation for their quality work.

Jhovy is highly involved in a Men's Ministry in Anchorage, Alaska through Cornerstone Church. They meet once a week and help the Alaskan community through programs such as feeding the homeless, assisting in finding employment for those in need, and more. He also has a non-profit organization in Guatemala that helps those in need.

Cynthia Mejia


Cynthia Mejia was born in Anchorage, Alaska. She moved with the family at 11 years old, but would always come back to Anchorage to fish and camp during the summer times. She proudly moved back to Anchorage permanently in 2014!

Cynthia started getting to know the company in early 2013. She happily started with fundamentals, learning commercial cleaning basics before incorporating herself into the role of Office Manager. Soon, she began interacting directly with clients, performing walk-through's and submitting bids. As Janco's proud CEO, she manages 130 employees and enjoys every minute of it. Cynthia takes great pride in the fact that her father built the company into what it is, and that she gets the privilege to continue growing it. To her, Janco is a company that helps create opportunity for those who seek it.

Client interaction is Cynthia's specialty. She sincerely enjoys working with each client to explore and implement brilliant janitorial solutions. For her, the source of satisfaction is simple: "Janco makes our clients' job easier and, in the process, allows them to shine. I love hearing when the owners of the buildings are elated with the service they are being provided! I help those building owners realize the impact they are making on their employees and customers when they choose Janco as their vendor. New contracts always excite us - not just because of the ability to expand our portfolio, but the ability to help more organizations and nonprofits within our community."

In addition to Janco, she also dedicates herself to her community: she loves volunteering for the Junior Achievement  Program in Alaska as well as the Anchorage Soup Kitchen. She also volunteers at her local church, and frequently embarks on mission trips.



Jorge Gonzalez
General Account Manager

Jorge Gonzalez received his degree in Industrial Engineering and has had over 20 years of experience in the janitorial and customer service industry. Jorge has been apart of the Jancos team for 10 years now and successfully manages our multiple accounts, all of our employees, and helps oversee the day to day operations of the company.


Santos Mejia
Director of Operations

Santos Mejia began his career early on working for the Sheraton Hotel as Supervisor of all banquets and employees. He then advanced his career and joined the Janco team. Santos has been apart of the Janco team for over 20 years and is now managing over 25 supervisors. With his 20 years of experience working in the janitorial and customer service industry, Santos is passionate about always providing the best quality cleaning services, as he prides himself in everything he does.

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